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Do you need professinal help?

Hiring a consultant can be a great asset to any organization. Outside consultants bring a skill set that can benefit your company while not adding to your payroll or staffing numbers. Having a consultant complete a project that has been tabled every quarter can help you meet the growth goals you had originally intended to do but haven't even started.

When I was the general manager of a small regional dairy all of my “extra” time and energy was spent on new product development and brand management. I wasn’t a micromanager or someone that had to do everything in the organization, there just wasn't enough time get some projects done, plain and simple. When we decided to upgrade to a new ERP I did the research on which platform would be the best for us and hired a consulting firm to implement the ERP software. I was somewhat familiar with ERP systems and could have figured it out, but I knew that I would not have had the time to implement and build the system because that was outside of my skillset. I needed professional help.

Just recently I helped a client through their annual Non-GMO Project Verification renewal. Because I am very familiar with the process and what Certifying Bodies need I was able to complete their renewal in a few weeks. This particular client is an established business with multiple co-packers nationwide and a small team of 3 that are currently working through an ownership/management change. They didn’t have to worry about their renewal because we were there to do the work and see that their products were renewed and there was no interruption to their business. Getting professional help doesn't have to be a bad thing. It may just be the thing that your business needs.

If your brand has been wanting to become Non-GMO Project Verified but doesn’t know where to even start, let us know! We can offer step by step guidance on a project basis, or we can manage your whole program on an ongoing contract. Want to know more? Contact us for a free exploratory consultation!

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