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Potatoes are now "High-Risk" in the latest version of the Non-GMO Project Standard

Potatoes have now been added as a high-risk ingredient in the latest revision on the Non-GMO standard. With the release of version 14.3, you may be wondering how this will affect the items that you currently have enrolled with the Non-GMO Project that contain potato products. It is imperative that you begin to update your processes and fully understand your supply chain before your next renewal or within six months, whichever is closer. The Non-GMO Project will now require suppliers to sign a Non-GMO Compliance Affidavit to be filled out at critical control points to confirm that the potato sources are not derived from GM materials. For more information please refer to the Non-GMO Projects website

If you would like assistance reviewing your products for compliance let us know! We can review your products and give you a comprehensive report on what changes may need to be made to remain compliant. Contact for more details!

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