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Relationship Status: Committed

Relationship Status: Commited

When Progressive Food Consultants started in the fall of 2018, it was important to me to find solid business relationships that would set a course for long term success.

I am sure I often bore those around me when I describe what I do for a living as Non-GMO Project Verification amounts to piles of paperwork, forms, audits, and generally boring details. All the boring details aside, the success of every business depends on how well we build relationships with those around us because, well, relationships work.

Based on a conversation I had with my banker and accountant they each introduced me to the same potential lead that became a client. When I needed liability insurance I reached out to an agency that had quoted me in the past to see if they could help me in my unique situation, and it ended up that they could! And it all transpired through LinkedIn. Relationships work.

While I was onsite with a client for their Non-GMO Project Verification, I had a meeting with another potential client that we are now in the final stages of contract negotiations. The world gets smaller and smaller when we can leverage our networks to help each other out. Relationships work.

Never despise small beginnings, we all have to learn to crawl before we walk. I am grateful for the relationships that I have forged in the past and look forward to growing more in the future.

Let’s build this thing together!

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